About Us

Ramz Media was founded in 2005 in Norway when we were fresh out of university and film school. We focus primarily on issues relating to the  socio-political sphere. Film and documentary have certainly always been a driving force in our lives for as long as we can remember. We have  worked on several continents with a wide range of subjects and one thing that we have come to learn is that film is not just a tool for awareness and education, but a powerful mediuam which can also mend hearts and connect people from all over the world. We  find inspiration in every day people across the world and are always interested in finding new and creative ways of telling stories to our audiences.

Thank you for being with us today and we hope you´ll follow our development in the coming years.

Samaré Gozal

Samaré is an Iranian-born Swedish film maker. Although she is interested in all aspects of film making, she has primarily worked as a director and producer in Ramz since 2005. Samaré  holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Lund in Sweden. After receiving her MA,she started her film studies at the European Film College in Denmark. Since leaving film school she has been working on a variety of film projects internationally and she is currently living in Prague, Czech Republic, where she is primarily focusing on script and writing. Samaré recently also finished a short hand-drawn animation, inspired by the ongoing migration waves in Europe.  She has also since 2019 been involved with various media projects highlighting migration issues on the continent.

Astrid Schau-Larsen

was born in Bergen, Norway in 1981. She swears by the power of creative documentary films as a medium for both professional and civic engagement and awareness-raising. During her film studies at the European Film College, she started creating a platform for making socially committed film. After two years of documentary filmmaking Astrid went back to university and did her MA in Religious Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. The documentary “In God We Trust” was part of her thesis, for which she was rewarded the MA of Excellence Award. Astrid is also working as en editor and cinematographer in Toronto, Canada as well as in Bergen, Norway.



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