Commissioned Work

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Street Stories

2010/35 min/Director: Morvary Samaré Gozal, Astrid Schau Larsen/Producer: YWCA Montreal/Producer: YWCA Montreal / Animation: Parissa Mohit, Valerie Valade/Photo and edit: Astrid Schau Larsen, Morvary Samaré Gozal/Music: Scott Russel/Financing: Ministry of Public Health Canada, YWCA Montreal/Format: 16:09

Ramz was commissioned by YWCA Montreal to contribute to a program, funded by the Minister of Public Health, which focuses on the prevention of recruitment of girls in street gangs. Street Stories: girls, gangs, and realities features the stories and experiences of over a dozen Montreal youth who have either lived or been close to the realities of gang life.  Street stories is a series of three films in French and English. 


2008/6 min/ Producer: REFUGIUM and RAMZ MEDIA/ Photo and edit: Astrid Schau Larsen/ Financing: Youth in Action, Bergen Kommune


The project REFUGIUM has never been more relevant. By mixing photography, digital storytelling and graphic design, all show online, REFUGIUM aims to help change the way refugees and Norwegian born people see each other. 

The idea of Refugium has continued in many ways for us in different ways as we´ve been involved in multiple documentary, animation and writing projects which revolve around the subject of refugees and migration. 

To view Refugium as an ongoing project so to learn more please visit the page of the project. 


2007/ 4 min / Director: Samaré Gozal / Photo and edit: Astrid Schau/ Financing: Esperanza /Format: 16:9


Promise Land is a short film on human trafficking across borders for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Commissioned by the Esperanza Contemporary Art Festival in Santander, Spain, Promise Land is a two-screen projection, which portrays a victim of human trafficking and her feeling of being trapped socially and financially.

Screenings: Radio Television of Republic of Srpska (Bosnia), Festival der Nationen Kort Film Festival (Austria), Esperanza (Spain)

Caravan to end Canadian Involvement in Torture

2010/4 min/Director: Samare Gozal/Photo and Edit: Astrid Schau Larsen/Financing: Stop Canadian Involvement in Canada/Format 4:3

Ramz was asked to make a promo video for  Caravan against Canadian Involvement in Torture. This Caravan was a group of people traveling through the provice of Ontario, Canada, with the purpuse to spread awareness on the subject of three canadian men, Abullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin, who have all been detained and tortured in Syria.







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