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2019/6 min/Czech Republic/Director and edit: Samaré Gozal/Producer: Ramz Media and Stonecrop Review 


Audacity is a videography project about the resilience of nature in urban spaces which was originally made for Stonecrop Review´s 2nd issue Roots/Routes. Trees improve air quality in cities and make urban spaces more inhabitable. Most trees do not interfere with pavements and the asphalt. This tree, however, has defied all rules. It has two twin stems that grow boldly out of the ground with branches stretching far and wide. A few friends get together to debate the origins of this remarkable tree. They debate whether the city planners built the road around the tree or whether it indeed just grew right out of the asphalt and if so then how could it possibly be allowed to grow so freely?

A Classroom

2018/6 min/Director and drawing: Samaré Gozal / Producer: Ramz Media/ Edit: Matus Vizar /Distribution platforms: Ramz Media Vimeo, TakeOneAction UK


In the capital of a European transit country, a group of young adult students discuss the  refugee crisis of 2015 in a classroom. As they feed off of each other´s fears, their aggression towards asylum seekers intensifies and soon trumps reason and rule of law. Based on actual events and real dialogue, this short animation is a contemporary examination of how collective fear and illusion about an external enemy can erode the fabric of reason and compromise the line between caution and paranoia.



2009 / 1 min / Direction and edit: Astrid Schau Larsen / Animation: David Seitz / Format: 16:9/ Produced for Toronto Underground Festival where it was screened the same year.


A short animation we worked on with the Canadian animation artist David Seitz. The point of this project was to show the effects of the use of cluster munitios. For more information www.stopclusterbombs.org



2008/ 4 min / Director: Samaré Gozal / Producer: Samare Gozal, Astrid Schau-Larsen/ Photo and edit: Astrid Schau-Larsen/ Format: 16:9 (Letterbox)


Camilla’s Dream is a short film based on the feature documentary Remains. It was put together for the exhibition, Dreams without Borders 08, held in Montreal, Canada. Camilla, her brothers Stale and Trym are all pained by the sexual abuse they remember going through during their childhood. Camilla has a reoccurring nightmare where she sees her father dead, his severed head swaying in the hands of her younger brothers. The dream usually results in her screaming out loud and shaking violently, forcing her husband Jakob to awake her. Dreams are a very powerful source to our subconscious and when we are in severe pain, feeling rage and agony, dreams give us a creative as well as destructive space to express those emotions free from judgement and moral assumptions. Maybe dreams allow us to hate and love freely and, as such, are a pure reflection of what hides within the depth of our souls

Exhibition: Camilla’s Dream was seen by visitors at the Dreams Without Boarders exhibition of 2008 where it also received an award of excellence


2009/ 10 min / Director: Samaré Gozal /Producer: Ramz Media /Photo and Edit: Astrid Schau-Larsen / Format:4:3



In February 2004 the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) attacked the IDP camp of Barlonyo in Northern Uganda. Over 300 civilians were burned or shot to death. Many of those who remained were children who suddenly became the head of the families. These are some of their stories.


2005/ 10 min / Director: Samaré Gozal / Photo, archive and edit: Astrid Schau Larsen/ Format: 4:3



Moment of Fury describes the violation of fundamental human rights, such as freedom of expression, in contemporary Iran. It depicts the realities of life under authoritarian rule as seen through the eyes of asylum seekers and activists in exile as well as in Iran. They tell their own stories the way that they wish and choose. 

The footage is a combination of interviews conducted by the team in Denmark and Norway but also a collection of archival footage from various sources. The black and white images are all from the late Magnum photographer Abbas whose work Samaré admired greatly for many years. 

Screenings: Tampere Film Festival / 2007 (Finland), Bergen Filmklubb / 2006 (Norway), Document4 Human Rights Film Festival / 2006 (Scotland), One World Human Rights Film Festival / 2006 (Czech Republic), Studentersamfunnet / 2006 (Norway): The film opened for Dr. Shirin Ebadi’s lecture on Human Rights in Iran


2005/10 min / Director and producer: Samaré Gozal / Photo: Astrid Schau-Larsen / Format: 4:3



Paria is an animated short film about false political promises. The film was inspired by the poem “Paria” by the late Persian poet Ahmad Shamloo. Voice: Mohammad Husseinpour.


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