Promise Land

2007/ 4 min / Director: Samaré Gozal / Photo and edit: Astrid Schau/ Financing: Esperanza /Format: 16:9

Promise Land is a short film on human trafficking across borders for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Commissioned by the Esperanza Contemporary Art Festival in Santander, Spain, Promise Land is a two-screen projection, which portrays a victim of human trafficking and her feeling of being trapped.
  • Radio Television of Republic of Srpska (Bosnia)
  • Festival der Nationen Kort Film Festival (Austria)
  • Esperanza (Spain)



Samaré Gozal and Borrea Schau Larsen also wrote a long-read feature article about the subject matter for Studio XX in Montréal shortly after the project was released: Promise Land: Broken Dreams (Studio XX, Montréal)

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