Den gode naboen (The Good Neighbour)

2013  / 59 min / Canada, Norway/ Director: Astrid Schau-Larsen /Producer: Astrid Schau-Larsen,  Julie Strand Offerdal and  Samaré Gozal / 2nd Camerea: Gilbert Goulet/ Distribution for broadcasting: Samaré Gozal / Distribution worldwide: Sideways Film

The Good Neighbour takes a look at the Norwegian oil company Statoil’s operations in the Canadian oil sands.

Statoil, a major oil company with the Norwegian government as its majority owner, has in recent years expanded its operations well beyond its borders and is now a major player in the oil sands operations in western Canada. Statoil has always promoted itself as a responsible and eco-friendly company, but how do they fulfill this vision in the oil rich sand among the natives in Alberta? Norwegian Julie Strand Offerdal decides to get to the bottom of the issue by embarking upon an epic journey across Canada.

Broadcasting 2016-2017: Sveriges Television (SVT)/ Sweden, Danske Radio TV (DR) /Denmark
Festival Screenings 2013-2014 Bergen International Film Festival  (Bergen/Norway)/ Bømlo Fredsfestival  (Bømlo/Norway) / Den Norske Dokumentarfilmfestivalen (Volda/Norway)/ Göteborgs Indiefilmfest (Göteborgs/Sweden)/ Green Peace  (Stavanger/Norway)/ Ekotop Filmfest (Bratislava/Slovakia)/ Cinema Politica  (Montreal / Canada)
Award: The Price of The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ekotop Fim Festival, Slovakia


Rushprint: Hvor redelig er Statoil? , Inside Ottawa Valley: Motoring with vegetable oil, University of Waterloo

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