2010/ 53 min/Canada, Norway/Director: Morvary Samaré Gozal/Producers:  Morvary Samaré Gozal, Astrid Schau Larsen/ Photography and Edit: Astrid Schau Larsen, Samaré Gozal/Music: James Hedberg / Format:16:9/RAMZ MEDIA, Homes Not Bombs, Educators for Justice / Distribution: Sideways Films / London -2016, Ramz Media Vimeo on Demand 2017-

Three Arab-Canadian men are detained and tortured for months and years in Syria and Egypt. Upon their release they return to Canada struggling to find some answers as to why they were detained and tortured. An internal inquiry into their cases, the Iacobucci Inquiry, reveals that the Canadian government was complicit in their detention and torture.

The camera team follows the lives and cases of the men for a year and a half as the men fight to leave the horror of torture behind them. This is a powerful and intimate documentary about the fragile balance between democracy, human rights and national security fears. It is also a portrait of life after torture experiences.

You can watch the film on VoD

Montreal Human Rights Film Festival / March 18 2010 (Montreal / Canada)

Cinema Politica / March 22 2010 (Montreal / Canada)

Ottawa Public Library / April 26 2010 (Ottawa / Canada)

Parliament Hill / May 3 2010 (Ottawa / Canada)

University of Laval / May 5 2010 (Quebec City / Canada)

Doxa Documentary Film Festival / May 13 2010 (Vancouver / Canada)

Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival / Official selection (Philadelphia / USA)

Undergroud Cinema / June 24 2010 / Manly Films and 2010 Peoples Summit Coalition (Toronto / Canada)

Cinema Nizhny Novgorod / “Committee Against Torture” / June 26 2010 (Nizhny Novgorod / Russia)

Yerevan / Foundation Against Violation of Law / June 26 2010 (Yerevan / Armenia)

University of Regina / October 26 2010 (Regina / Canada)

University of Lillehammer / October 27 2010 (Lillehammer / Norway)

University of Tronheim; Cinema Politica / November 10 2010 (Trondheim / Norway)

Amnesty International Film Festival / November 19 2010 (Vancouver / Canada)

Reel Awareness Amnesty International Film Festival / November 20 2010 (Toronto / Canada)

QPIRG Concordia’s KEEPING IT REEL Subversive Cinema Series / February 17th 2011 (Montreal / Canada)

Salt Spring Film Festival / March 2011 (Salt Springs / Canada)

Cinema Politica Fredricton/April 2011, Canada

Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival April 2011

Award: The Audience Choice Award of  Montréal Human Rights Film Festival 2010

Broadcast: Al Jazeera Network, SIC – Sociedade Independente de Comunicacao, Polish Broadcaster TVP

International Rehabilitation Centre for Survivors of Torture (IRCT): Ghosts: A portrait of life after torture, Pulse Media: Ghosts: Documenting Unseen Stories, Fria Tider : Hon filmar Kanadas brott

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